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Ralls County Library

Collection Development and Book Challenge Policy

Selection of library materials and material reconsideration policy

Collection Development Policy

The library collects materials across media types to support its function as a source of information, education and recreation for the people of Ralls County.  Widespread interest, frequent usage, current relevance and/or popularity are among the factors that influence the purchase or acquisition of a given item, and every effort is made to reflect the values and interests of the community.  Materials for children and younger readers are intended to enhance literacy, provide entertainment and to supplement their educational needs.  The reading, listening and viewing activity of children is ultimately the sole responsibility of parents and/or the primary caregivers of children, and  the Ralls County Library assumes no responsibility for what content they may encounter. 

Given the range of interests and opinions of the community, not all items in the collection will be of interest to all.  If a concern arises over an item in the collection, patrons are invited to complete the Request for Reconsideration of Library Materials form. Forms will be accepted only from residents or property owners within Ralls County. The Library Director will examine the item in question and respond to the inquiry in writing within 90 days.  If a patron is unsatisfied with the Director’s response, the patron may appeal in writing to the Board of Trustees.